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Enhancing the perception of a temporary possibility or favourable state.


Awareness , Emotional Script .
Hurry Up! , Imminent Death .
Often uses:
Sound Effects , Entrainment .


Games sometimes include limited periods during which the PC enjoys specific abilities. Specific sound is commonly used in such circumstances, augmenting the Awareness for such scarce opportunity. Sound may also be designed to shape the Emotional Script, for instance, in a way that induces an arousal state during this period, through Entrainment.

To a certain extent Window of Opportunity is similar to Hurry Up!. They both call for an urgent acting. Yet their purposes are different. Whilst a Window of Opportunity may or may not be explored (it may even concur with a major goal), the case in Hurry Up! implies focusing in a particular goal and completing it before some time constrain is met.


Pac-Man: Once the PC eats a power pellet, the player may take advantage of a temporary ability to eat the enemies. A specific snappier Contextual Music signals such Window of Opportunity.
Sonic the Hedgehog: Some power-ups trigger faster movements, which are effectively accompanied by a Contextual Music that promotes a higher arousal state through Entrainment.
Patapon: The player has to perform consistently well in order to achieve the Window of Opportunity, called “Fever Mode”, and the maintenance of that period is dependent not on time but on the ability of the player to keep performing flawlessly. The Acoustic Ecology during “Fever Mode” is highly stimulating and rewarding. “Fever Mode” is actually an enhanced Engagement, much richer in terms of sound, involving Diegetic Music, Foley, and Sound Effects.
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