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NPC’s behaviours evidencing that the PC remains unnoticed.


Awareness , Anticipation .
May use:
Chitchat , Grunts .
Relates to:
Stealth , Character Soundprint , Sound Suppressing , Sound Decoys .
Contrasts with:
Suspicious NPC , Seeking for PC .


Unaware NPC refers to the acoustic manifestations of an hostile character who is not aware of the PC's existence/presence. This only makes sense with hostile NPC, i.e., with those who would not react peacefully if they knew about the PC. Other possible stages of Awareness of (hostile) NPC behaviour that are commonly represented through acoustic expressions are Suspicious NPC (while a NPC investigates) and Seeking for PC (between the moment when some NPC spots the PC and the moment the matter is somehow solved).

Typical explorations revealing Unaware NPC consist of Whistling and Humming [deprecated], Chitchat, and Dialogue about such unawareness.

In some cases Unaware NPC expressions are so audible that they first function as Beacon Locators of their emitters. While in the cases described above the player feels “These guys didn’t notice me yet”, in this latter case the reaction is "There are some guys over there". Naturally, once the PC approaches those characters, though their expression does not change, it is no longer perceived as a Beacon Locator but as an Unaware NPC behaviour.


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