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PC utterance signalling an impossible action.


Awareness , No Can Do .
Close to:
Failure .
Makes use of:
Dialogue .


One interesting way for the player to acknowledge the impossibility to perform some action is to express it diegetically, through some PC expression. Sound can be used with that purpose, either alone or in combination with visual stimuli.


Mini Ninjas: In this case the player is trying to use the special attack without having any red orb available (notice the three empty slots in the middle right, in the HUD).
Thief III: Deadly Shadows: When trying to conceal a body in a place that cannot fit it (in this case the player was trying to throw it through the window), Garrett emits a 'uh-uh'.
Ico: In response to Ico's invitations, Yorda expresses her inability to reach his position. She is using her (unknown) language.
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