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NPC’s manifestations of active chasing of the PC.


Awareness , Engagement , Anticipation .
May use:
Dialogue , Shout and Yell , Grunts .
May relate to:
Stealth , Character Soundprint , Sound Decoys .
Contrasts with:
Unaware NPC , Suspicious NPC .


It may be interesting that the player perceives when the NPC are aware and committed to find the PC, ready for actual Engagement. Such state applies between the moment when some NPC spots the PC and the moment when the matter is somehow solved.

While Seeking for PC, Dialogue-capable NPC usually voice their hostile intentions towards the PC (a case of Shout and Yell). Yet, other non-linguistic behaviours that reveal NPC "activation" can also be effective in expressing that kind of attitude.

Seeking for PC is both informative (a matter of Awareness) and contributory to the Emotional Script.

Other possible stages of Awareness of (hostile) NPC behaviour that are commonly represented through acoustic expressions are Unaware NPC (while the NPC are not aware of the PC's presence) and Suspicious NPC (should the NPC have reason to investigate the PC's presence).


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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion:
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