Revisions in version 2.0

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Cards entering v2.0

Rhythm Gameplay (substituting Play the Beat) and Pitch Gameplay (these two fill what would remain uncovered with the deprecation of Genre)

Helper Voice

Affected Hearing

Time Twist
Suspicious NPC



Cards we also considered to introduce in v2.0


Sound Camouflage – Using sound to mask the PC's soundprint
Musicality – Setting the tone of all sounds (e.g., Foley) and their cadence (e.g., in Dialogue)

Hmmm... Don't think so!

Too specific

Most of these only serve other explorations. They are not an exploration per se. But they are not an instance of one single exploration either.

But for instance Footsteps is also that kind of pattern... Or isn't it?
So, perhaps if they are dismissed it would be the sum of serving others with the fact that that they are not that omnipresent?!

Using an alarm is not a design goal or the intended sound exploration per se (at least, not in the cases we found). It is merely a possible (and very common) implementation of other explorations of sound (Awareness, Hurry Up!, ...). Unless, for instance, we would found recurrent cases where designers had intended that players would have to interact with alarms (hmmm... sound like morning... hmmmmmm... not such a bad idea...), but that is not (yet) the case.

About the same rationale as for the dismissal of Alarm. It is an example of implementation of some sound explorations (Address Others, Unaware NPC, Character Soundprint, ...) but it is not an exploration per se (at least not in the cases we are considering).

Cards renamed in v2.0

Requisite VarietyVariety (as a result of analysis and feedback from previous design exercises)
Audio LogsRecordings (as a result of analysis and feedback from previous design exercises)
Cut-ScenesCutscenes (simple correction)
Play the BeatRhythm Gameplay (actually, in this case, it was more than just a rename; Rhythm Gameplay now "absorbs" Play the Beat)

Posthumous renames

These renamings only apply to the remaining pattern, since the corresponding card has been deprecated.
Sound Layers and SemanticsSound Layers

Cards deprecated in v2.0

Cards representing Aggregator Patterns have been deprecated:
Genre, Sound Layers and Semantics (renamed to Sound Layers), Gameplay, Sound Places