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Name update: Audio Logs (version 1.0) → Recordings (version 2.0)
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Recorded dialogue, frequently scattered through the game world.


Narrative .
Possibly with:
Beacon Locator .
May relate to:
Helper Voice , Radio .
Makes use of:
Dialogue .


Recordings offer pieces of Narrative in the format of recorded Dialogue.

It is fairly common that Recordings are found as collectibles scattered through the game world, though isolated cases are also common.

Some explorations, such as hand written tickets that are read when found, are somehow semantically comparable.


BioShock: Individual testimonies, in the form of personal audio diaries, offer different perspectives of life in the advent of the situation in stake.
InFamous: Communications, in the form of collectible "dead drops", explain the events that led to the state of the game world as it is.
Silent Hill Homecoming: An accidental recording that captured a moment, that contributes to the Narrative. The tape and the recorder were found in different locations.
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Far Cry 2: Collectible pieces of interviews that help to know the main NPC.
Dead to Rights:
Heavy Rain: A handwritten note, introducing new elements in the Narrative, which is read out aloud using the voice of the character who wrote it.


Introduced as Audio Logs (in version 1.0)