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Notice: This is still a tryout. See the discussion

Frequency by Categories

[working list]

These are almost always used

Achievement, Music, Failure, Sound Effects, Footsteps, Engagement

These are commonly used

Foley, Grunts

These are not so frequent

Breath, Stealth, Make Sound not War

These are rare

Sonic Weapon, Eavesdropping


Should make more sense

This listing is being constructed in a empirical way, to date. It would be valuable that we included some mechanism to allow people to express their own rankings, possibly accompanied by discussion, so that this would make more sense

'More' does *not* mean 'better'!

When identifying frequency we are not implying significance. Also frequency of cards/patterns may be depended of game genre (well, they are), which in turn are not played with the same frequency. We could have another ranking expressing a idea closer to 'it would be interesting to have more of this' instead of 'I usually find this' Maybe, in a similar way to what we have suggested above, we should people enter they feelings regarding this matter.