Levelled Performance

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The progressive sophistication of sound related performative actions.


Sound Input , Rhythm Gameplay , Pitch Gameplay , Narrative .
Relates to:
In-game Feedback .


Developing the PC's abilities step-by-step is a common practice in games. It allows the adaptation to a complex set of rules and/or controls, in a methodical way. In that sense this pattern does not add novelty to the "general approach". Still, sound designers have to ponder the need for such levelling, and eventually to design it considering the specificities of the sound explorations that they propose.

Levelled Performance can also serve the goal of managing the players' interest in the game by extending the delivery of novelty along the experience. Again, this is not particular to sound design, but it is something sound designers may also wish/need to consider.


Aquaria: Songs that allow specific abilities are learnt one at a time along the game.
Patapon: Songs and, later, Miracles that trigger specific effects, are progressively made available along the game.
Guitar Hero World Tour: Being able to select difficulty levels (here "easy", "medium", "hard", "expert") is a solution that extends to sound-related aspects of performance.
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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time: Songs are learnt one at a time along the game, as set by the Narrative.