Half-Life 2

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List of identified patterns

Acoustic Ecology , Aesthetics , Affected Hearing , Ambiance , Awareness , Breath , Character Soundprint , Cutscenes , Death , Decay , Dialogue , Dubbing , Emotional Script , Foley , Footsteps , Grunts , Helper Voice , Imminent Death , Menus , Music , No Can Do , Ouch! , Radio , Revelation , Say that Again , Shout and Yell , Signature , Sound Effects , Subtitles and Captions , Variety , Voice Acting .


Ambiance: A moment of calm allows enjoying the Ambiance.
Breath: In this case the semantics is reversed. We hear Freeman trying to hold his Breath, not to get drown, which is a clear indicator of Imminent Death that is also very effective in terms of the Emotional Script.
Death: The Foley of the action causing Death, followed by an impaired perception of the Ambiance.
Dialogue: This scene includes disparate explorations of Dialogue. For instance some of the action is experienced exclusively through the discourse, with no visual support.
Foley: The interaction with objects is accompanied by the respective Foley.
Helper Voice: Both the Radio emission (semantically directed to the NPC) and the NPC provide helpful information.
Imminent Death: The "hazard suit" voice warns (Dialogue): "Vital signs critical"/"Seek medical attention" (health 25 or below) or "Emergency! User death imminent"/"Seek medical attention" (health 9 or below).
Menus: When accessing the Menus, the Ambiance from gameplay continues to be heard, which contributes to maintain the player connected to the game world.
Music: Music prepares and supports the haste of a fight.
No Can Do: When an item cannot be used, a Sound Effect is used. Unless captions are activated this is the only cue the player receives [pending: double check this].
Radio: A Radio broadcasting information.
Say that Again: Insisting on interacting with a character triggers equivalent messages.
Shout and Yell: A hostile creature shouts as it attacks the PC.
Sound Effects: Picking and activating the imaginary objects is accompanied with representative Sound Effects. (In the case of the ammunitions the Foley of loading them into a gun is used instead.)
Subtitles and Captions: Very detailed captions describe each relevant sound.
Voice Acting: The Overwatch voice, speaking through Public Address systems. It is performed by opera singer and voice actress Ellen McLain, who also does voice acting in the other games of the The Orange Box.