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A phase of gameplay of explicit conflict.


Emotional Script , R-A-E-D Iterations .
Relaxation , Anticipation , Decay .
May use many, including:
Foley , Sound Effects , Music , Dialogue , Entrainment , Seeking for PC , Shout and Yell , Sonic Weapon .


Episodes of Engagement are typical during the gameplay and they constitute moments of high arousal in the Emotional Script. They usually involve a dense sound composition, with participation of Foley, Sound Effects and Dialogue (from the conflict), Music (with accelerated beat), and others such as Grunts, Shout and Yell and Seeking for PC.

The participation of Music has deserved diverse approaches. For instance, in some games Music is present only in part of the cases of Engagement, possibly to avoid an acoustic overload and the competition with diegetic sounds, namely when conflicts last long.

An Engagement may be immediately followed by a short phase of Decay, which in turn would be followed by a phase of Relaxation. Depending on the gameplay the Engagement may be preceded by a phase of Anticipation. The iteration of these sequence of phases is often explored (R-A-E-D Iterations).


Heavy Rain: A case of make believe Engagement that illustrates the relevance of the accompanying Music to the Emotional Script.
Killzone 2: Extensive Engagements are arguably characteristic in this game. It is interesting to notice that some chapters use Music and others do not.
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Tomb Raider Underworld:
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion: Sounds of Engagement (mainly Music and eventually the NPC's expression (Seeking for PC)) replace Relaxation (mainly Music) as soon as the NPC becomes aware of the PC. Once the conflict is solved, Relaxation takes over, again.
Far Cry 2:
Ico: It is worth noticing that this one of the few examples where sounds from Ambiance are still present (or perceptible) during Engagement.
Need for Speed Undercover: