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The deck of cards can be printed from a PDF file.

Printing the cards

The deck can be printed using a printer-ready file (PDF, 11MB). Currently available version is v2.0 (rev 2.05).
Crop margins are included. Please see printing recommendations, below.

Recommended printer settings

A3, two-sided, left binding.
For those already familiar with the cards (i.e., with less need to check the screenshots and their small captions), scaling down to A4/Letter may be proper, reducing printing costs.

Other printing recommendations

Please test colour results in your printer, e.g. using one of the front pages, before printing the all deck.
The file was prepared to work with the sRGB standard, which should provide faithful colours in most cases.
Please share your experience, should you find trouble or better approaches to do this.

Printing a box

A box for storing the cards is also available, should that be considered interesting. Yet two aspects require attention before going on:

  • The box may not fit a deck that is printed on too thick paper. So, it is necessary to have the deck ready, first, and then measure the resulting thickness to make sure that it is worth printing the box.
  • If the cards got somehow scaled during their printing process, then the box size will not match their size. Printing the box using the same scaling factor may work to adapt to the cards size, but please notice that the thickness of the box (the 3rd dimension) will also be scaled, while the thickness of the deck does not depend on scaling.

If the PDF is printed at 100% (i.e., A4 as provided, with no scaling), the box is supposed to become 88x115x20mm. Further instructions are provided within the file.

The workspace

The suggested workspace can also be printed, although drawing it by hand is far more simple. The equivalent to an A2 (420mm×594mm ≈ 16.5"×23.4") is big enough.

The suggested workspace can also be printed. We've been using something like an A2 format, printed in a plotter, which seems to be big enough.
Yet, two A3 sheets glued together, with the regions drawn by hand, do the job, too...