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We concluded, from the analysis of experiments [REFs], that cards containing aggregator patterns tend to be ineffective, at least when used with the suggested setting. Consequently we decided to deprecate aggregator cards (starting from version 2.0).

The discussion still runs regarding how to treat cards that, although being aggregator – in the sense that they point to other cards for many particular explorations inside its scope – still represent instances that are relevant and do not fit into any of the 'contained' cards. In some cases the solution may consist of creating specific cards to treat those particular exceptions (as we did in the case of the deprecated Genre). Yet, this is not always interesting because the patterns/cards being generated could be too specific.

Candidates for the category "Aggregator Patterns" (aka "Umbrella Patterns" , "Aggregator Cards", "Umbrella Cards")

[working list]

Definitely 'Aggregator'

Genre, Sound Layers and Semantics (renamed to Sound Layers), Gameplay, Sound Places


These patterns include many kinds of explorations, some of which are explored in other more specific ('contained') patterns but still address relevant explorations that do not fit other already defined patterns.
Awareness, Emotional Script, Consequent Sound, Make Sound not War